[TV] Kim Kibum shares a kiss with Park Ye Jin on ‘I Love Italy’

Published June 23, 2012 by 4everlyn

Still shots of Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum‘s romantic kiss with Park Yejin on tvN‘s ‘I love Italy‘ have been revealed.

In the upcoming episode of ‘I Love Italy’, Lee Taeri (played by Park Yejin) takes Geum Eun Dong (played by Kim Kibum) to her favorite hideout, which is an astro-observatory. While the two are inside the observatory, they reveal their true feelings for each other and share their first romantic kiss under the shooting stars. At the same time, the sundial which was once broken begins to move again, revealing that the time for Kim Kibum to return to his 14 year old self is inching closer.

Netizens who saw the still shots for this episode commented, “I’m getting excited just looking at the still shots of their first kiss“, “Park Yejin and Kim Kibum will finally have their first kiss! I have to watch the 8th episode no matter what!“, and “I’m so excited. They really look good together“.

In related news, Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin’s comedic acting and sweet romance in ‘I Love Italy’ has been gaining positive reviews from viewers.

Source & Image: TVReport

Credit : allkpop

Chen Lin


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